With Our Feet (International Home Page)

Hello everybody around the world.

Welcome Here !

International visitors start to read avecnospieds.fr and it is a real pleasure and an honor for me. So I have decided to translate some pages in english (or something between the english language and the « parisian language » – perhaps because in France we like cooking or because we are very bad for foreign language).

I hope I will convice you to came and discover some hidden french treasures and not only Paris and the Eiffel Tower.

The website has no commercial object, only share good experiences. It’s strange because I love walk alone or with friends in the moutains, thinking that persons on crowded beaches are not around me. But in another hand when I meet persons in the moutains or on other campaign pathes , they are generaly cool because they really want to be here.

The name of the web site

« avec nos pieds » can be translated by « with our feet ». First I wanted to use « With my feet » but another walker already use it, so I have decided to include your own feet in my adventure even if I don’t really know how and who are your feet !
And in France, we have an expression : « Prendre son pieds » that can be translate word by world by « Take his foot ». It is for very agreable situation, not only with feet, if you understood…

Of course, If you see big mistakes in my english language don’t hesitate to correct me !

Otherwise I like messages and comments so let a trace or talk about me in social network.

 So now read my english pages, put your walking shoes in your bag and take the plane !!!!

Now Start reading

Soon (I have to write it now…) :

Paris-Mantes 2013 : it’s a classic walk organised since more than 75 years at west side of Paris the night of the last week end of january (definitively very fun !!!). Unfortunately, it’s no more start from paris but there more than 3000 walkers.

Fontainebleau Forest : It is a big forest at the south of Paris, well-kowned by climbers and moutains walkers because there are a lot funny rocks. It is also a very good place for child.